Caesar Salad Calories

Checking the amount of Caesar Salad Calories is not a very easy task. That’s because the sizes and ingridients are not standard. The vegetables can vary a bit, the way you cook the chicken and the dressing – that’s a big big thing when discussing caesar salad calories.

Salad CaloriesSo, let’s take a simple example, that we all know: McDonald’s Caesar Salad. It’s not a recommendation, this is just for us to get a notion of the amount of caesar salad calories. Once you get an idea of the general amount, you can calculate your caesar salad calories.

Without the chicken, McDonald’s caesar salad has only 90 calories in it. A grilled chicken adds 130 calories. A crispy chicken adds 240 calories. So in total, the caesar salad calories can add up to 220-330 calories.

But that’s not all!!!

Croutons: they might be small, but are they covered with butter or cheese? And how many of them did you eat? They can get up to 120 calories for 1 oz.

But we’ve still haven’t discusses the major ingridient in caesar salad calories: the dressing!

Like a lot of other salads, the dressing can have so many calories! It isn’t surprising to hear that a 2 fl oz packet of what is referred to as creamy caesar salad has 190 calories! That is almost the amount of the whole caesar salad calories (eaten with grilled chicken)!

So as you can see, caesar salad calories can vary from 200 to 600 calories! If you are concerned about your calories intake, stick with the grilled chicken and find some other low calorie dressing.


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